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Environmental Communication
Health advisories, multicultural outreach, NGO strategies, and more...
ASLF Presents Nationally and Internationally
Discussions with Chinese environmentalists at South West University of China.
Save the Rain and ASLF Vacant Lot Program
Construction of four VLP sites designed by ASLF!
Water Street Green Corridor Completed!
ASLF's Green Corridor Project Completed!
ASLF Turns 30!
Local Farming
Working with local veterans and new Americans on a green-focused workforce-readiness program
Where we have been!
ASLF has delivered technical, organizing, and legal assistance for projects across the globe.
Onondaga Lake Restoration
Years of efforts working to clean up what had been called the "most polluted lake in the country.

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ASLF Presents at The Great Plains LID Research and Innovation Symposium

From Vacant Lots to Emerald Isles: Transform Urban Vacant Land through Public-Private Collaboration and Innovative LID Practices Abstract: Urban vacant lots and derelict land have long been associated with numerous issues in urban environments. In Syracuse, New York, scores of tax delinquent or City-owned vacant lots are being transformed into various types of green space [...]
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ASLF Becomes Repository for High Speed Rail Empire Corridor, Comments Due to the NYSDOT by April 30, 2014

New York State is planning on how to implement a high speed rail system throughout the state. This will affect current rail systems, the environment, neighborhoods, and much more! The New York State Department of Transportation has extended the comment period on its drafted plan to April 30, 2014. If you would like to learn [...]
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ASLF, Onondaga County, and SUNY ESF’s Dr. Don Leopold Celebrate International Forest Day!

ASLF, Onondaga County, and SUNY ESF's Dr. Don Leopold Celebrate International Forest Day! David Coburn of Onondaga County's Office of the Environment holds a proclamation proclaiming International Forest Day for Onondaga County. Tour of Oakwood Cemetery 's Native Tree Species SUNY ESF's Dr. Don Leopold leads mini dendrology tour! ASLF Intern Rasheed notices the distinct [...]
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USDA Forest Service Awards ASLF over $48,000 to plant trees for Stormwater Mitigation

Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc. (ASLF) will plant 200 trees on private, non-residential land in Syracuse through 2015. Sites will be determined based on the potential to increase canopy cover and manage stormwater runoff, and must be located in the City of Syracuse, within key Combined Sewersheds. Trees will be genetically native species that are [...]
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