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Environmental Communication
Health advisories, multicultural outreach, NGO strategies, and more...
ASLF Presents Nationally and Internationally
Discussions with Chinese environmentalists at South West University of China.
Save the Rain and ASLF Vacant Lot Program
Construction of four VLP sites designed by ASLF!
Water Street Green Corridor Completed!
ASLF's Green Corridor Project Completed!
ASLF Turns 30!
Local Farming
Working with local veterans and new Americans on a green-focused workforce-readiness program
Where we have been!
ASLF has delivered technical, organizing, and legal assistance for projects across the globe.
Onondaga Lake Restoration
Years of efforts working to clean up what had been called the "most polluted lake in the country.

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658 West Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13204

Saving the Sterling Creek, Tributary of Lake Ontario

ASLF is currently working with residents of the Towns of Sterling and Victory who would be harmed by the proposed Martville Mine on the property of 13181 Sanford Road, Martville [Tax ID 20.00-1-68.1] We are opposed to the granting of a NYS DEC mining permit, and/or a Town of Sterling Special Use Permit and/or area [...]
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ASLF seeks design team for greenspace project on Near Westside of Syracuse, NY: LOI deadline is September 25, 2015

ASLF seeks a qualified, multidisciplinary team to create design specifications for a new greenspace on the Near Westside of Syracuse, New York. We are aiming to transform mostly derelict parcels surrounding an awkward 5-way intersection into usable, socially beneficial greenspace.  The project will involve green infrastructure and the collection of stormwater into a water feature. This [...]
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ASLF Urban Tree Nursery – Official ground-breaking on April 24, 2015

The Nursery reclaims an abandoned vacant lot and creates unique greenspace in the City to grow and distribute native, genetically local trees. This nursery will be the first of its kind in the City of Syracuse and will be a model for others elsewhere.
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A win for Lake Champlain: Vermont Gas drops Phase II pipeline plans

On February 10, 2015 Vermont Gas announced that it will be canceling plans to complete the second phase of its Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project, which would have called for a pipeline to be built on the bed of Lake Champlain. The pipeline would have transported fracked gas to a plant owned by International Paper [...]
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