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Health advisories, multicultural outreach, NGO strategies, and more...
ASLF Presents Nationally and Internationally
Discussions with Chinese environmentalists at South West University of China.
Save the Rain and ASLF Vacant Lot Program
Construction of four VLP sites designed by ASLF!
Water Street Green Corridor Completed!
ASLF's Green Corridor Project Completed!
ASLF Turns 30!
Local Farming
Working with local veterans and new Americans on a green-focused workforce-readiness program
Where we have been!
ASLF has delivered technical, organizing, and legal assistance for projects across the globe.
Onondaga Lake Restoration
Years of efforts working to clean up what had been called the "most polluted lake in the country.

NYCO Lawsuit Moves Ahead

ASLF has a lawsuit in progress in the Adirondack Park concerning “Lot 8,” a 200-acre Forest Preserve parcel in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area of the Champlain Valley.  Readers may recall that this parcel was the subject of an amendment to Article 14 of the State Constitution, the “forever wild” provision, on the ballot last […]
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Can you imagine a future without the Adirondack Park?

ASLF has joined forces with other environmental organizations to protect the Adirondacks, and we have some good news!  We have succeeded in obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the State and NYCO Minerals, until August 22, prohibiting any damaging activities on the 200-acre Lot 8 of the Forest Preserve in the Jay Mt. Wilderness, […]
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Then & Now: ASLF and the Clean Water Act, Section 316

More than 30 years ago, ASLF began as an organization tirelessly pursuing citizen enforcement of the Clean Water Act (CWA) throughout the United States. Hundreds of cases have since been fought by ASLF, including ASLF vs. New York State Gas & Electric and ASLF vs. The Puerto Rico Electric and Power Authority, both directly related […]
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Act by May 30th to Stop Destruction of the Adirondacks!

On Election Day last November, by the narrowest margin (53-47%) in the 120-year history of the “forever wild” provision of the State Constitution , voters allowed a private mining company, NYCO Minerals, Inc., to buy 200 acres of ecologically valuable State Forest Preserve land known as Lot 8 to extend its existing Town of Lewis […]
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